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Sheena Locklear
Mr. Blansett
ENG 111
June 6, 2013
Ways to care for a child
Caring for a child can be the hardest job in the world, you actually have someone depending on you and there are many responsibilities involved. There are a lot of things I could list to taking care of a child or children but I will just give you the most important ones. Taking care of children requires discipline, protection, love, along with patience. To be able to have a child is a pure blessing, this is something that all parents do not realize until their children have grown up and out on their own.
First of all, Taking care of child consist of discipline, most people discipline their children in many different ways like putting your child in timeout, ground them, take away privileges, or just raising your voice. Kids learn by watching adults, particularly their parents. Make sure your behavior is role-model material. Some parents just yell at their kids and to be honest with you, it goes in one ear and out the other. You as the parent don’t realize it because you’re actually doing all the yelling. Yelling does not always get a child attention, there are other methods a parent may want to try. Spanking really doesn’t do anything but make the child feel the pain. That’s abuse to me.
Another way of taking care of a child is showing them Love and affection. A child expect a lot of love and attention from their parents. When deprived of love and affection, children feel hurt quickly and easily. Sometimes children also grow up to be insecure individuals, who are not very confident as well. These children, who are deprived of love, may also need psychiatric attention, due to constantly being neglected. Parents must keep a close eye on their children, and spend quality time with them to understand what their child needs to avoid such psychological act. There is a quote that Agatha Christie wrote which is and I quote,