Carisi's Short Story

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Carisi still couldn't believe it. He rereads his id number, 732-346, about seven times when the Bar exam results popped up. "My ID number. I-it's on the pass list?" He was so unsure he would pass at all. He thought about the numerous essays he had to write, the MPT, and the multiple choice questions he had to answer. Had he even answered any of them correctly? Did he interpret the laws appropriately? Should he have had added more to his answers or less? Did he use the right evidence to support his opinion on an example case? These thoughts constantly nagged at him throughout the weeks after he took the Bar.
He snaps back to the present when Fin said, "You passed?!" and Amanda greets him with a congratulatory hug. It finally sunk in that Carisi
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"You're not," Barba says as he motions Carisi to come in.
"I have something to tell you," Carisi closes the door behind him.
Barba cocks his head a little, "What is it?"
Carisi walks over to Barba and stands right in front of him. "The Bar exam, I..." He pauses for a moment and he looks Barba in the eyes. "The pass list came out and..." He tried so hard to keep his composure.
Barba puts his left hand on his hip, "And what's the verdict?"
"I passed!!!"
Before Barba could finish saying "Congratulations" to him, Carisi gives him a hug and then kisses his cheek. It took a moment for Carisi to realise what he had done as an "oh shit" slips out. "Well, this is awkward," he slinks back as Barba looks at him in confusion.
"You could say," Barba crosses his
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He didn't mean to kiss his cheek. What came over him? This was beyond unprofessional and highly embarrassing. What was weirding him out more was Barba standing there silently. Not even an eye roll or a lip curl in disgust. Nothing. "Sorry. I'll go."
Barba smirks, "Did I say anything about you leaving?"
Carisi plays with his hands nervously, "No, but I thought that-"
"I would kick you out for that little transgression?" Barba walks over to his desk to place the file down.
Carisi only nods, nervously straightening out his waistcoat.
"Normally, I would, but even I understand the circumstances, Carisi. You passed the Bar. Not an easy feat to do," Barba takes a seat. He gestures Carisi to sit in one of the chairs in front of his desk.
Carisi takes a seat, smiling, "It's all because of you."
Barba laughs a little. "As much as I want to take all the credit, you have to give some to yourself too," he says. He rests his elbows on the desk and folds his hands under his chin. "You put in the effort to study and to put in the hard work. I only guided you along to hone in on those skills. You're the one who had to take the exam." His eyes meet Carisi's as he smiles, "Believe it or not, I am proud of you."
Carisi looks shocked hearing that, "You are?"
"Of course," Barba unfolds his hands and drums his fingers on the desk. "Why wouldn't I