Carl: Employment and Good Time Management Essay

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On the job training should be completed within the company. Shadowing a position prior to independently working on ones own gives employees a detailed hands-on feel of someones position within the company. A general overview of what someone will be doing can prevent errors in the hiring process. With a demonstration of its performance, an opportunity for the employee to imitate the demonstration and subsequentfeedback given. Therefore, seeing Carl’s strengths and weaknesses ahead of time, catching and correcting them if ever a hiccup shall occur. If Carl saw what entailed of working as a recruiter at ABC, Inc. he then would have seen tasks being completed as they should. Orientation for all new employees should be given with a checklist of some kind to follow before such a task as Carl had. A guide of some sort to go by to assist them of their duties perhaps to make sure things run in order. A basic run through of company day to day activities, asking questions, and taking notes aids in proper operations. There is no room for error when work standards are familiarized. Proper arrangements should have been made to screen and select applicants.

Deadlines should be met to ensure that all forms are properly filled out and processed to be finalized, leaving none incomplete. Good time management skills helps meet deadlines and sticks to the projected goal. Carl should have set aside a couple of days before the initial hiring date to add the finishing