Carl Jones Case management of organizations Essay

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Carl Jones Case
Problem statement Carl jones, newly appointed supervisor at McLaughlin pharmaceuticals must make a decision about several incidents of inappropriate behaviour on the part of an employee.
Constraints /considerations
What us McLaughlin pharmaceuticals main business?
What are the group dynamics in the engineering department?
All decisions must be in accordance with the collective agreement in place
Discuss power and leadership styles of jones and Podivinski
Podivinski dislikes Jones and has a history of filing grievances
Areas for discussion
Organizational structure
Group dynamics
Leadership styles
Organizational Structure
Existing structure is clear, no-nonsense with little room for innovation or creativity
Lines of authority are clear-vertical levels of command
Autocratic style
Respect is expected
Structure is appropriate for the products delivered by the company
Structure is a large contributing factor in the union/management friction
Respect often needs to be earner
Group Dynamics
Engineering division is a subgroup of operations division
Several levels in the chain of command
Jones-bottom in line of authority – interface between union and company
Given high standards – Jones’ subordinates are crucial for successful operations

Makes little sense to impose strict rules in the engineering department
Workers are highly skilled and need to have decision making capabilities over complex tasks
Large number of grievances could be a manifestation of the frustrations of entire group
Lack of communication between management and labour
Lack of trust leads to lack of team effort
Podivinski has a high level of power by virtue of his position as union steward
His constant attention from management and union through his grievances also signals power
Podivinski’s power is decreasing because he has over extended his use of WCB and union
Short term( Proceed with collective agreement offences, meet with all in the engineering Dept., Meet with the…