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Carl's Problem
Velez, Joshua T.
March, 16, 2015
Ms. Eason
Carl's Problem
Throughout time in any business setting, or any type of setting that has many entities working to accomplishing a common goal, there will be times in which communication is not clear. Carl Robins has several issues, such as scheduling fifteen new employees to come work for the Operations supervisor. However, he has not thoroughly completed all of the steps necessary to accomplish this goal. Many of the new employees do not have all of their paperwork completed and some of the employees have not completed the necessary drug test. Furthermore, the conference room that he was supposed to be reserved is being used for another event. Carl has to come up with some type of solution to satisfy all of his responsibilities, as well as work to insure that all other employees are taken care of.
There are significant problems in this situation. Now we have to examine the cause of these problems and determine what, if anything can be done to address and fix the number of issues. Reading through the case study there is one common thing that sticks out to me. Carl did not thoroughly and aggressively address the many needs of the incoming personnel, and he also did not fulfill the mandatory requirements of the company he represents. Carl was in charge of insuring that all of the new employees had all of their paperwork completed and turned in within the time requirements of the company. What I see to be the issue is that Carl did the initial interviews with the employees. Once he found the fifteen that he believed could accomplish the job, he passed the paperwork to someone else to complete. I believe that once he passed the paperwork down to be completed he did not continue to check and review to insure that all the necessary tasks were accomplished. I think that because he was in charge of this operation he should have been there every step of the way monitoring and supervising so as to be completely positive that everything was being completed.
Another problem that Carl is faced with is the fact that he owes the Operations supervisor fifteen new employees to work for her. If he does not produce these employees he could risk losing his own job. At this point he is fighting to clean up his own mess so that he himself is not going to be searching for new employment. Carl has to start at the beginning and go through all of the steps to figure out where the lines were crossed. Once he has gone step by step he can start to come up with a valuable solution. In order for him to come up with a solution, he has to clear his head and completely evaluate every incident that could have caused this big problem in which he is faced. If for some reason Carl Is unable to pinpoint the issue and fix it before the deadline, he needs to think about speaking to someone superior then him and figuring out what can be done if anything to address this problem and move forward. The very worst things Carl can do in this situation are trying and hide the problem, or try and cover it up. He has to work hard and try and fix this issue or be straight forward and come clean about his mess up.
There could be many solutions to the issue in which Carl is faced. I believe the very first thing he must do is call each and every one of the fifteen new employees back in so as to complete their paperwork and their packets. Once that is completed he must then send the employees that have not taken the mandatory drug test immediately over and have that completed. That way if for some reason one of the employees does not pass or has an issue with their packets he will still give himself enough time to interview and get a replacement to take the position. Once Carl has gone through and successfully taken care of all of the personnel issues he then has to find a way to get them into the orientation. Carl must go and speak with the gentleman that has the conference room scheduled for the computer…