Carl Sandburg's Chicago: Laughing the Stormy, Husky, Brawling Laughter Essay

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Ms. Johnson English 3/4th March 7, 2014 Chicago The poem Chicago not only describes the city and its hardworking, prideful attitude but it also emphasizes that although there is wickedness and corruption in a city that is a modern as theirs is, the people living in Chicago have to pull through it all and tare some what ignorant to any negative adjectives given to their town. Sandburgs motives are shown through out the ending of the essay where he begins to repeat the universal feeling of celebration, which indeed is laughter, over and over again showing that although their life is tough that there is always something to be happy about in a city where not everything works in their favor. Carl Sandburg lived in Chicago during the early 1900s, which was a time of industrial expansion in a city like Chicago which was very modern for its time. Historical events show that Sandburg moved into Chicago in 1905. This obviously showed the individuality attached to this poem because Sandburg can easily relate to a citizen livng in Chicago. In his poem he states how others critic his city and, and his reply would be (an exert from the poem) and anything after his reply would be a counter argument with truth against that criticism. Sandburg sees a lot of anaphoras and a lot of parallelism and double referencing personifying the city of Chicago as a person and a conversation between the city and others outside the city who dont see the city as the way the citizens would. This shows this sort of sentimental attachment to the city that Sandburg had developed during the time he lived in Chicago and he is also able to see the truth and not be ignorant to the fact