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Good evening Ladies and Gentleman,
Firstly before i get started i would like to thank you all very much to be standing in front of you all today also i am very grateful for all the support i have received. My name is Carla Jarrett I’m from the Light House organisation here in Toowoomba, our job here is to give homeless people in our community to have a future and go and do what they always dreamt to do. From this speech i am presenting to all of you today I’m hoping to create awareness for the unfortunate situation some people are placed in at this very moment of time. On the 1st of April at Queens Park our organisation will be holding a Festival, which will include music and entertainment for the families and fun and exciting rides for the kids, Guest speakers will be talking on the night and a special guest who will be coming on stage to tell you a few stories that will make you laugh and will make you want to cry. This festival is for every age from Kids to elderly people. This event will start at 10 am with all day activities and nothing that will bore you This festival will end around 8 pm with a sausage sizzle and fireworks, so why not come along have a good time with your love ones and at the end of the night you will successfully have helped with the homeless people in this community.
When you think of a homeless person do you think of a drug addict or an alcoholic or someone who didn’t go well with starting a life? All of those things i just asked they could be…