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Carleesha Owens

Professor Sodan


02 February 2015

Quick Meals

After a long, stressful, tiring day of work, it is important to make quick meals. Quick meals may

Range in many types of dairy products and also many types of cooking methods. There are lots of quick

meals that can be made. The first type of quick meal you can make is Ramen noodles, the second type

of quick meal you can make is a sandwich, the third type of quick meal you can make is a salad, and

lastly you can fix some tuna. Unlike most other foods those four quick meals does not require lots of

time, skills or ingredients.

Ramen noodle is the first quick meal you can make. Ramen noodle does not require lots of time, In fact

Ramen noodles takes exactly three minutes to make. There are also many different types of ramen

Noodle flavors to choose from. Some flavors are hot, some are spicy, some are mild, and some gives

Your tongue that tingling sensation its been desiring. Ramen noodles are one of the best quick meals

Because you can choose from the types of seasoning you want to put in your ramen noodle to make it

Tasty to you desirer.

The second quick meal you can make is a sandwich. There are many different types of sandwiches,

Such as cold cuts , toasted, crunchy, soft and etc. This type of quick meal requires less time than making

A ramen noodle. Not only can you choose the way you want your sandwich but you can also choose

From the different types of breads that you would like to use with your meat.

The third quick meal that can be made is a salad. To make salad you must have lettuce and dressing.

There are a few different types of lettuce and there are also different types of meats and different types

of Veggies that may be put in the salad . Salad may take 10-15 Minutes to prepare but after…