Carlos N. Staples's Response To The Police

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Joanna Fuentes
Carlos N. Flores
English 1301
February 9, 2015

In this piece, Mr. Staples reveals his perception of how others react towards him. He feels that, ever since a young age, he has been racially profiled. To prove his point, he walks during the night to see firsthand how a black man is judged. He goes on to describe how ladies hold on to their purses and speed up their pace. He also mentioned how law enforcement and security guards of certain establishments treat him unjustly. Mr. Staples feels that all men deserve the ability to strike fear into others as a sign of strength. However, he also brings to light why so many of young men are in jail or dead because of his way of thinking. There seems to be a lot of evidence to back up Mr. Staples understanding of people. However, I feel that given the scenarios he put himself in were not fair. Mr. Staples set out to prove his point. Everyone is judged; racial profiling has taken a different meaning over the years. Mr. Staples speaks of how “Mistaking the reporter for the killer, police hauled him from his car at gun point and but for his press credentials would probably have tried to book him”. Now in order for officers to uphold the law, they need to pursuit all possible leads. If information was the just the race and gender of the murderer, Mr. Staples needs to realize that the officers are doing their job. I was brought up to never judge a book by its cover. But I will have to say that human instincts kick in when something seems out of place. Growing up in Laredo, where the majority of the population is Hispanic, I try not to make it too obvious when I see someone of a different race. Now is that Racist? My youngest daughter is a perfect example of how human instincts kick in, when