Carmen Garcia Documentary Essay

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Carmen Garcia has directed multiple movies/documentaries and was nominated for many awards, which include, Jutra Award and Audience Choice Award she was also a co-founder of Argus Films along with German Gutierrez. German Gutierrez directs mostly social and political issues movies/documentaries and his amazing work on the series Insectia earned him numerous awards. In 2009, these two directors tag teamed to create a documentary called, L’Affaire Coca-Cola in which they follow labor right lawyers Daniel Kovalik, Terry Collingsworth and activist Ray Rogers as they take action against Coca-Cola’s violation of human rights against the labour union. This documentary shows Coca-Cola’s involvement in the kidnapping, torture and murder of union leaders …show more content…
Many corporations have employees working in harm of either layoffs, union busting, and factory fires just to name a few. Corporation only goal is profit and it doesn’t care how it would make profit even if it means killed people and being unethical. Democracy is a system of government in which all the people of a state are involved in making decisions about its affairs, typically voting for something. Democracy is something that is at risk because in this day and age corporations are running the world and corporations just don't understand the term democracy. In fact, corporations have often tried to undo democracy if it is an obstacle to their single-minded drive for profit. In addition to unsafe working conditions and the risk of democracy being over matched, the inequality is a key situation that needs be solved. For example, Nike a huge corporation known worldwide has been paying employees 6 cents a hour and another example is a women gets paid 76 cents to make a jacket and that jacket is sold for 140 dollars at the store, these situations show the inequality in the pay of