Carmen: Romance and Garish Fashion Sense Essay

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To see the shellac of the Capitol’s veneer before anything else serves to emphasize the disconnect between the two worlds even more, I think, than if it had followed the typical path of going from the dirty to the fabulous in Wizard of Oz fashion. Instead, the entire time you see the poverty of District 12, in the back of your mind, you know that the Capitol exists and doesn’t care.

District 12 starving people
Everyone looks poor

The film’s version gives us an imposing imperialistic city with sharp edges and bleak buildings. The city, and the citizens, however, are covered with a facade of luxury in the form of an impractical and garish fashion sense, bright colors, lights, and technology.

At the beginning there was katniss, she is a girl that is very strong, courageous and also she sounds like a hopeless romantic. then whos ever name gets pulled out and they have to go to the games to battle against 12 other ditricts who ever wins, the winers get to go back to their district.
At first katniss puts her name in the games. Her sister gets chosen and she desides that she is going to go in there because she really loves her sister and doesn’t want her to ger hurt.
Katniss shows up and the capitol tells them all the people from all the districts in the games she meets this boy named peta. Peta is a older boy than katniss is and he loves battle they put them both together. During the battles the capitol decided to put the games up on tv and make everyone see. The…