Carnegie Mellon University Admission Essay Sample

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I am excited to be applying to Carnegie Mellon University with the hopes that it will become my home as I continue to further my education. When I visited Carnegie Mellon, one of the things that impacted me the most was the community of students and faculty that made the university feel welcoming and united. Experiencing the campus for the first time, I had the strong feeling that this was not just an educational institution, it was a home fueled by tradition, pride, and the usual hint of rivalry. I am applying to the College of Engineering with the prospective major of chemical engineering. My interest in chemical engineering at CMU stems from the exposure to research I had in high school. Participating in a club that focuses on bioinformatics and DNA analysis has introduced me to research in similar fields and to the importance of interdisciplinary research. I have chosen to pursue chemical engineering as a major, because it is diverse in its applications which allows me to explore varying fields within the same department. I want to complete a major that will allow me uncover solutions that will help solve problems plaguing society and a one that is forever expanding. Thus, …show more content…
It focuses on research in a number of different areas which allows students to expand their knowledge and helps them uncover what niche interests them. The Department and School, also, highlight the value of students gaining experience in the field, in order to aid in furthering their career. One of the programs that I am curious in exploring is the Practical Internships for Senior Chemical Engineering Students. This program allows students to spend a year gaining professional experience in a company that pertains to their field of interest. I see this as a valuable opportunity that would only add to the list of unique things CMU