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Chief Information Officer Institute

Global competition, open innovation, unstructured data, and many other drivers are placing unique demands on the role of the IT executive. Data driven decision-making, across the organization, is shedding new light on the competitive advantage IT plays in determining strategy.
As IT shifts from functional and reactive to strategic and proactive, education will play an increasingly important role.
To stay current, IT executives will need multi-faceted education where participants can engage with leading practitioners and educators in a community based learning environment.


“The Future-State CIO® will not only be accountable for IT function success and business process transformation, but will adopt a more company-external focus and concentrate the majority of his/her time on using information to drive innovation and strategic advantage in pursuit of business goals.”

Carnegie Mellon University’s CIO Institute delivers innovative, federally authorized education designed exclusively for business- The CIO Executive Council technology executives. Through our flagship program, the Chief
Information Officer Certificate, the CIO Institute enables IT leaders to achieve organizational effectiveness by improving their alignment of people, processes, and technology. If your organization has specific training needs, the CIO Institute can develop customized programs to meet your goals.
The CIO Certificate focuses on management and IT competencies, including best practices for achieving organizational goals. Learning objectives are met through a combination of expert faculty instruction, cutting edge content, and active exchange with other leaders in information, technology, and security management. The program consists of 8 courses conducted as
3-day seminars in the Washington, D.C. area. Our program is flexible. Courses may be taken independently (though most decide to complete all 8 courses to earn the CIO Certificate). The certificate can be earned in as little as 1 year or extended across multiple years.
With classes taught by internationally recognized faculty and industry experts, the CIO Institute draws on the unique strengths of Carnegie Mellon - consistently ranked one of the best universities in the world (especially known for its expertise in information technology). In addition to our main campus in Pittsburgh, and locations in Washington, D.C., New York City and Los Angeles,
Institute participants benefit from our global network including campuses in AU, Qatar, Africa
(Rwanda), Portugal, Australia and Singapore.

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)

CIO Institute alumni can leverage their CIO Certificate toward a graduate degree in partnership with the Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program at Carnegie Mellon’s renowned Heinz College. Our MSIT program is geared towards IT professionals with an undergraduate degree and a minimum of 5 years work experience. Given the demanding schedules of those balancing work along with advanced education, the MSIT program offers a convenient part-time, distance format.

Federal CIO University Partner

Students completing our CIO Certificate will also earn the Federal CIO University
Certificate. Our program directly addresses the executive core competencies adopted by the Chief Information Officers Council and U.S. General Services
Administration. We are one of only seven universities authorized to provide this certification in partnership with the CIO University, and the only partner institution to offer the credential in an executive seminar format.

CIO Institute Curriculum

The CIO Institute offers the following 8 courses to address the core