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The Autobiography of Charles Carney
Professor Mary Kelly-Klein

I was born on July 23, 1976 in Portland Oregon to Celia and Charles Carney. I have two other siblings; my sister Laura and my brother Jason. My father died when I was fifteen years old, which left me to be the authority figure of the household. I went to Marshall High School while trying to take care of my mother and brother after my father passed away. Marshall High school was not a very good school. There were a lot of fights and other violent incidents that occurred. I didn’t care to attend high school because of the negative influence that I was constantly around. My sister, who was the oldest, moved out of the house during her teen years. Working and going to school was very hard for me to manage because I was always needed around the house to help my mother. Unfortunately, I decided to drop out of school and continue working to support my mother and brother. I didn’t really have much of a childhood due to working all of the time and taking care of my brother. My brother and I never really got along. We would always fight or harass each other. Even at the present time we do not get along. When I did have the time to myself, I enjoyed playing sports with friends. I really liked to play basketball or football around the neighborhood, such as the park and at my friend’s house. Playing basketball was the only thing that took my mind off of the negative things that consisted in my life. Some people that I grew up with would say that I am a lot like my father, outspoken, an asshole and not scared to tell the truth. Other people would say that I was helpful and love to talk a lot. My mother worked full-time every day to support the household as well.
In 1997, I received my GED and decided to follow my father’s path by joining the Army. While in the Army, I was trained to drive all types of military vehicles. I learned how to break down firearms, clean them and put them back together. I also learned how to spot enemy and friendly vehicles. My first deployment was to Iraq, where I was there for fifteen months. After my deployment to Iraq, I was stationed in Texas for two years, and then I was stationed in Washington for the remainder of my military career. While I was stationed in Washington, I met my wife Yvonne, who had three children from a previous marriage. Yvonne was also in the Army as well. On May 4th, 2009, we decided to get married and my wife decided to get out of the military in 2010.
Shortly after we were out of the military, we decided to take the kids and move to Portland Oregon. My wife and I enrolled in culinary classes at The Art Institute of Portland for a brief moment. I was interested in taking some culinary management courses and my wife was interested in baking. Our interests were short lived by deciding to move to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. My wife’s children moved to their father’s house for one year and we lived in Mexico for the same amount of time. Cabo is a great place to live. The weather is always sunny and warm, the people there are friendly and the food is