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Floyd Williams 03/08/2015 Carnival Cruise Individual Assignment
Carnival Cruise Case made mention to the fact that a problem the cruise line has was attracting more loyal customers as they begin to be the "Most Popular Cruise Line in the World". This was difficult do to many things including their exquisite services, schedules and capacity of which they can ship on any given basis. The case mentions how great of service they give to each guest that go on their cruises. However, there are a few things that this cruise line can do in order to retain loyal customers and keep them coming back for a wonderful experience.
The first tactic the Carnival Cruise could use would be to train their employees to always give the best customer service and make the best products. They can do this by always delivering a great quality experience whether it’s from the room service that they provide or the food using quality service to keep people coming back. Loyal customers would expect to come back to this great service each time, letting them know that their individual experience will be one to remember.
Next, as a business Carnival Cruise could offer incentives for patronizing their business on a regular basis. These can include employing loyalty programs like punch cards or giving discounts every so often. You could also offer discounted or free upgrades to your loyal customers. This would ensure that the cruise line stays at the forefront of your customers'