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This article is about electronic message boards and its uses. It explains how the device works and gives its advantages and disadvantages.
Electronic message boards are information systems that act as a tool to pass on information to people. These are actually high tech equivalents to bulletin boards. There are some differences between the two information systems which are quite glaring, though. The newer version is actually an LED screen that functions as a television screen of sorts and flashes text data and images over and over again.

How It Works

The basic function of these innovations is to pass on information to those who read from it. Unlike its older counterpart, the bulletin board, these are operated at a different level and not everybody can post information on it whenever they wish. The older, manual versions just need to be either erased manually (for blackboards and whiteboards) or the information needs to be unpinned and taken down when it has passed already (for corkboards and magnetic boards). Due to these being electronic devices, electronic message boards have to be programmed and reprogrammed regularly to update the information on then. The owner or the person in charge of the said information system is the one who usually reprograms it with new upcoming or current data. In many cases, owners of said innovations usually charge those who wish to post information on the board. At the same time, the messages or data on the LED screen usually occupy the screen one at a time unlike the older bulletin board where as much information from different individuals is written on it to fill up the area.

The size of the electronic message boards vary from single line text messages to ones that can be as large as a small movie screen. These not only function in the same way as a bulletin board but it can also serve as a warning sign for motorists, a schedule for transportation and advertisement. The larger the screen the more expensive it is to have something flash on it regularly.

The advantages of these screens are varied. They are more attractive than their older bulletin board counterparts because they can be considered as moving as the texts flash through the screen. The information on them can not be easily erased which works as a great advantage for the advertiser and the owner. The contrast of the text, usually in bright red, green or blue colors from the black screen almost always assures that they can be read clearly.

One disadvantage of the electronic message boards is that they rely on electricity to function. This means that if there is power outage, any of these do not function unless there is a backup battery. Another disadvantage is the actual cost of each unit. These are expensive devices, which may cause them to be stolen.

Electronic Message Boards: How to Use Them Effectively
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While certainly not a new technology, businesses that use electronic message boards in front of their company always look just a bit more up to date than their competitors. Because of the additional costs that go into such a board, of course, they still remain relatively rare. But their effectiveness cannot be questioned. When well maintained, they can last for many years and will often outpace their analog brethren when it comes to looking fresh and relevant after a long time out in the elements. But digital advertising is only as good as the writing that goes into it. Here are some ways to use your sign to your best advantage.
Stay Topical
Electronic message boards thrive in the sports arena world because they can be changed quickly to