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Adam Sams
Mr. Isaac
CP English IV
25 February 2013
Research Paper
In deciding what is the greatest Division One college basketball program one may ask, “who has the most wins?” This however is by no means a fair way to decide. A teams win loss record is recorded for every game they have ever played; with that in mind wouldn’t a team that started playing in 1900 have more wins than a team that started playing in 1930? Of course, thus it is unfair to say the team with the most all time wins, Kentucky, is the most dominate program. Looking into Kentucky’s program their inaugural season was in 1903, as of now they total 1,988 wins. In comparison to the second place Tar Heels, Carolina’s inaugural season began in 1911. Carolina is currently standing with 1,984 wins. That is an unbelievably small difference considering Kentucky commenced eight years earlier than Carolina. The overall win percentage of Kentucky is 0.758 percent, while Carolina trails slightly at 0.738 percent. Carolina and Kentucky are truly the one two schools in the race for overall wins and total win percentage. My question is, given the data is it not more impressive that Carolina is so close even though the program is a younger by a significant eight years? (
Every year college basketball ends with the most exciting tournament out of any sport. A field of sixty-four teams playing single elimination games all the way to the end crowning a national champion. Placing in this tournament requires a talented team that has competed at the highest level with success or a conference championship, which turns into an automatic qualification. Needless to say it is a tough tournament to enter much less win. In total Carolina places third on number of National Championships with five following The University California Los Angles, UCLA, with seven and Kentucky winning five. There is no doubt that is significant but arguing for the best modern day program Carolina still has holds an edge. College basketball really ignited in popularity during the 1980’s evolved to what is considered “the modern game” so let’s look at the most national titles from 1980 to the present day. UCLA’s legendary coach John Wooden dominated college