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CarPass 1. Value Proposition a. CarPass will deliver an easy and unique way to pay for everyday purchases without leaving your car. b. By launching CarPass services we will be fulfilling needs of both business and customers. For customers CarPass offers a safe and quick way to purchase every day products/services. CarPass can be programmed with all credit, incentive and gift cards for different businesses so the customer does not have to carry several cards and risk losing them. Our reward program will offer discounted product and services from participating businesses. c. CarPass also provides peace of mind, knowing that your information is in safe hands, since customers credit card is never actually seen by anyone other than him/herself. 2. Customer Segments d. Main demographic group of CarPass customers would be car owners that are always on the go and use drive thru services more than 3 times a week. This group of people would buy CarPass to bring more convenience to their everyday routine. e. Secondary group of customers would be businesses that provide services to our mutual customers. By selling valuable data to businesses CarPass will help better their marketing strategy and help businesses better understand consumers’ behaviors.

3. Channels f. CarPass will reach its customers mostly through Web channels. Using our website customers can learn about how we operate, order the CarPass device, pick the plan they would to use (Free plan, but their consumer data will be tracked. Subscription plan with 100% safe privacy, but monthly fee of $10) and manage their accounts. Website will also be used to provide customer support, as well as telephone hotline. g. With time you will be able to purchase the device at all major retail and electronic stores and activate it online using our website. 4. Customer Relationships h. Each customer segment can expect a different type of relationship. Company expects to gain customers and grow through aggressive online marketing and advertising in our business partners stores. i. Every day consumers can expect the following: i. Customer creates account and signs up for a device online on our website for free. ii. Customer receives the device in the mail. iii. Customer registers the device online and connects it to credit, gift, and incentive cards info. iv.