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Secondary Education

I am planning to major in Secondary Education. As I grew up I always wanted to be a teacher, I forced my siblings and cousins to play school all the time. I always looked forward to the day that I could teach my own class of students and give someone the opportunity to learn from me. I have always fanaticized about decorating my classroom and being a very creative teacher to where my students actually liked coming to my class. Majority of people have that one class that they look forward to all day at school and my goal is for my class to be the one everyone looks forward to. I have interviewed Mrs. Jane Doe who teaches kindergarten at ABC Elementary School. I asked Mrs. Doe, “Why did you choose this field of work?” her response was “I chose to be a teacher because I love working with kids and I value education.” I agree with Mrs. Doe. Growing up I did not like school, like most kids, and one day I just decided that if I tried to do the work and actually listened it would not be that hard anymore. I was right, and that is a main reason why I would love to be a teacher. To show a kid how much valuing their education pays off in the end. Also, working with kids and teaching them things that they will need to be successful in life is a wonderful opportunity. When Mrs. Doe was asked what the hardest thing about her job was, she responded “The hardest part of my job is worrying about my students after they come home. I work in a school district that has a very high poverty level. Some of my kids may not even get to have dinner at night. The thought of that breaks my heart.” My response to that is, in life you are given the opportunity to make the best of it and some people don’t get the most wonderful things handed to them in life. I would love to be the teacher that sends them home knowing that they can do whatever they want in life all they have to do is put effort into it. Some of the most famous people come from the lowest points in their life to accomplish the biggest goals. To show a student that you love and care for them as their teacher, is the best thing you can do for that child. For a student to come in your class and know that you care will make them not only like your class, but like you as well. When I asked Mrs. Doe what the best thing about being a teacher was, she stated “The best thing about being a teacher is watching students make progress throughout the year. I teach kindergarten and some of my kids come in without knowing a single letter. I love watching them learn something new every week and watching their faces light up when they realize they have done something right.” I agree with her and I would feel so accomplished knowing that I have gave someone the opportunity to learn something. I would love to show children that going to school