Carrer: Suicide and Mercy Killing Essay

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What makes an act of killing morally wrong is not that the act causes loss of life

or consciousness but rather that the act causes loss of all remaining abilities (J Med

Ethics.2012). To taking someone’s life under any circumstances is immoral and PAS is

A way for individuals who are too sick or incredible ill who want their life to come to an

End. Suicide, even when done to end suffering, is self-murder; and no one has the right to take

an innocent life ( For PAS to help with this cruel matter is wrong

and against all odds not humanity for anyone to die and end there life sooner than expected. With

all the new technology and science we have people are able to live longer with the right care and

treatment. We come so far with new treatments, medicine, and hospitals that even with the worst

illness can get better and survive to live another day. With all these new treatments physicians

can be wrong about estimating how much a patient has left and giving them false hope when

they are expecting to die. “Physician-assisted suicide” is a pleasant-sounding euphemism for

what earlier generations called “mercy killing. “mercy killing” is currently a crime under the

Maine Criminal Code, as it is in all states (

Having a physician help provide a way for the patient to end their life should not be

Legal and should be taking very serious. No patient should be granted the option of committing

Suicide and take them away from life only cause they no longer want to deal with the pain and

Suffering. By giving the patient the right to choose from death or living can be very disrupt full

And could cause a lot of damage to the civilization. Once it becomes legal I believe everyone

Who is really sick or just mentally depress and don’t want to live anymore. That PAS would

Become abuse and everyone who doesn’t want to live anymore would choose this path and have

A physician helps them get what they wish. With all the help that is provided to us for any

Medical condition you’re in or mentally illness, there better ways to stay positive and keep fighting

For your life and have a better view why it’s important for you to stay alive and not have a

Physician guide you to your death only because you feel no longer to live.

People who become very sick and unable to function like how they used to, start to

become Very depressed and begin to think about ending their life. It’s only once they believe

that there Life is become more useless and able to do anything and having your family and

friends feel sorry For