Carrie Underwood and Connie Thurmond Engl Essay

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Marie Solis
Connie Thurmond
ENGL 1301 – 9 AM
Writing Portfolio #1: Recalling an Experience Essay
Have you ever been to a place in which your worries and troubles disappear at the sight of beauty? A place that makes your heart stop and just takes your breath away? Well, I have. Now, I know it might sound a little far-fetched but it is true. Life takes us on indescribable journeys from time to time that indubitably make the pain, suffering, and hardship worthwhile. An example for me would be my summer trip to California this past year. The beaches, Universal Studios, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame not only made me forget about my upcoming future full of stress and homework; but, they also helped to strengthen the relationship I have with my family as I spent more time with them.
Two weeks before the official start of school, my family and I embarked on a twenty-four drive to California. However, I was hesitant of course not about the California part but about the twenty-four drive. I mean I love my family to death but such a long time in such a small vehicle could drive anyone mad, especially if you have sisters like mine. Anyways, the interesting scenery on the way there such as the deserts of Arizona or the rocky hills of New Mexico were enough to distract me. In addition, my brother “trying” to sing along to a Carrie Underwood song was priceless. Once there, we immediately went to all the beaches we could in the cities of Long Beach, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Even though I could not swim due to the fact that I wasn’t a very strong swimmer, I still had fun with my sisters making sand castles and playing beach volleyball.
Another highlight of the trip was going to Universal Studios. I had never before in my life been on a roller coaster, due to my fear of heights, and I was excited to end that “tradition” since I was in the land where dreams come true after all. Therefore, why not make it happen? Also, I was glad to share the frightening yet fun experience with my brothers who gave me great advice on how to become seasoned experts like they were. They told me to look at the scared faces of others in order to distract me and surprisingly enough, it worked. I closed my eyes and I yelled at the top of my lungs; nevertheless, it was not until after I glanced at the terrified expression on my father’s face that I knew I could do this. Therefore, by the end of the day, I was convinced that I could ride any roller coaster anywhere and decided to try my luck with Six Flags in Texas as soon as I got back home.