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The trial process for a criminal case is as follows:The Jury selections: Jurors are selected from the jury pool of available jurors.Opening Statement: The prosecution and the defenses in detail present their case and theirexpectations of what each side wants to achieve.Presentation of Evidence and Witnesses Testimony: The prosecution begins the trial by presentingtheir case first. The defense then has their chance to ask questions and cross exam the witness.Closing Arguments: The attorneys for both sides summarize the evidence that was giventhroughout the trail and try to convince the jury to find in the favor of the client they are representing. The prosecution has the burden of proof so they are the first to open and close during a trial.Jury Instructions: The judge reads the law instructions to the jury. He defines all the issues for thejurors and gives them the law pertaining to the case.Deliberation: The jury goes to into a room to consider the trail and reach their verdict. The juryselects a foreperson who ensures the discussions are regarding Opening and Closing statements for the ProsecutorOpening Statement:Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. My name is Attorney and I’ll be lead prosecutor inthis case.Mr. Christopher AKA Biggie Smalls Notorious B.I.G Wallace was murder. He was only 24 years oldwith his career and life ahead of him full of endless possibilities. The defenses is going to want you to feel sorry for his murderer, they will lead you to believe that thecrime committed against Mr. Wallace is justifiable. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury the law does not work that way. Justice will be the only relevancein this case and I will assure you that I am only looking for justice; Justice for the Wallace Family. Mrs. Wallace will never hear her son’s voice and Christopher Jr. will not have a father present at hislittle league games cheering him on.The defendant murdered Mr. Wallace his motive is unknown. It is said that it is not necessary toprove the motive. Someone killed Mr. Wallace the motive is unknown what is know is that Mr.Wallace was shot four times. The evidence will prove that he was killed by a gun inflicted wounds tohis right hip that ripped through several organs, including his liver, heart and lung. The other bulletsstruck Mr. Wallace in his left forearm, his back and his left thigh.And so, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, without spending further time, we shall ask you to saywhether we have satisfied you beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did kill Mr. Wallace onMarch 9th.Closing Statements: Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. For the past several weeks you have heardtestimony from the defense stating that their client is innocent of murdering Mr. Wallace, a 24 yearold man that was shot and killed in the early morning of March 9, 1997, as he was leaving a musicindustry party. He was riding in the front passenger seat of a Chevrolet Suburban when anothervehicle pulled up beside his and someone opened fire. According to autopsy reports he was shotfour times. The medical expert stated the bullet that killed Mr. Wallace was the bullet that enteredhis right hip and ripped through several organs, including his liver, heart and lung. The other bulletsstruck Wallace in his left forearm, his back and his left thigh. At the time of his death, he had nodrugs or alcohol in his system. I have proven that the defendant murdered Mr. Wallace for noapparent reason. It is up to you to decide hold the defendant accountable and find him guilty.Opening and Closing Statements for the Defense:At the conclusion of this case, you will have grave doubts that the defendant was anywhere near themurder scene when it occurred. If anything, you will be convinced that someone else did it.