Cars: Automobile and Mr. Leslie Invention Essay

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Adam Boudribila
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Mr. Leslie
Invention of the Automobile

Automobiles I find are one of the greatest inventions on earth. They are very useful in many ways for example, bring you places you want to go and can transport many people or items. The definition of an automobile/car is that it is designed to run on roads, highways and streets, to have seating from one to eight passengers and to have four wheels. The first automobile in the world ever created was called the Model T by Henry Ford. It was nice car back then, but now our generation has evolved into newer and better cars. The Model T was produced between the years of 1908-1927 and built in Detroit, United States of America. It is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, the car that opened travel to the common middle class Americans. Years passed and cars became much better in style and speed. Cars developed around the years of 1960 and 1970 and from there on, it just became better for the following years. Cars have their advantages and disadvantages. Their advantages are that they bring you wherever you have to go, transport your things etc. The disadvantage is the gas. First of all, it used to be cheap in the 1900, but now in our century, it is much more expensive, and second of all, gas pollutes. The heating of the fuel causes black smoke to come out of the motor pipes and is let out in the air. It is not good for our health and neither the planet earth. Automobiles are my favorite