Cars.Com Uses Your Own Confidence to Sell Cars Essay

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Ryan G. Coonrod
Mrs. Carpenter
March 22, 2013

Buying with Ask any average American who has bought a brand new off the lot vehicle; they will all say how difficult it all really is. Pushy salesmen and high prices are all you meet there when online one is promised, in ways, to get through this tough purchase is all one wants halfway through a deal. Even some horror stories about how some unfortunate person “got duped” into the outrageous terms and longer times to pay off grand total of debt. The company with the advertisement knows it is a very trying task to get a new vehicle when one need talk to a salesman. They are usually trying to get one to take a way out of one’s price range car that usually happens to be a convertible and has bad gas mileage. The background of this commercial is in car lot at a desk about to talk business, though the scene usually is a small crowded office of sorts. Then one notices that the salesman isn’t being pushy, polite man just there to help with buying the car. What comes next is usually the thing that grabs everyone’s attention to the commercial in that a “floating head” singing “Yeah baby I want that car”, loudly enough to get the catchy tune stuck into the head of the potential consumer. This floating head is being portrayed as the buying persons “Confidence” coming out because they found the one car they are definitely going to be buying from the website being mentioned. Making the potential buyers to believe that using the website, which has side by side comparison tools and others, will make the acquisition of the new car very easy and painless. This commercial appeals to, in ranging order from greatest to least, are Logos- Ethos- Pathos. The use of logos is a lot in the commercial, from the tools the site has to help, the person’s “confidence” so strong it comes out and sings a song, tune sort of well-known by majority of Americans, even the salesman is telling the person buying that if ones confidence in it this much that there’s nothing he can do. Whereas, on the contrary, a tool on their own website is probably NOT accurate by any means, one’s confidence is generally not much at all, or singing a tune will not make you go buy a car and even salesmen are hardly ever nice or tell buyer that they are right. Ethos is used in this commercial to make website seem to be the ethical thing to do is use their site. The main item here is the “confidence” coming out. No matter how…