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Crisis Intervention Scenario | April 26 2011 | A scenario is developed describing a types of crisis. In this document you will be able to describe the crisis, amount of damage, the victim’s physical and psychological damage, and the perpetrator(s) within the scenario. The scenario is not a real story but however is reality for someone that may have been involved in a situation as such. In the end you will find an analysis and interview with role-play to come to a conclusion to the situation at hand. | School Violence | Part I – Crisis Scenario Development Description of the Crisis The crisis at hand is school violence. Four upper class high school students are involved a daily scuffle with one lower class student. Mark, James, Phil, and Mike are eleventh graders who have no hope of graduating high school. Jonathan is a ninth grader who is straight “A” student and has hopes of being a lawyer one day. Every day that Jonathan gets to school the four bullies await his arrival to taunt him. They beat him for all of his lunch money and threaten him that he should tell no one. As a result Jonathan is scared to tell officials at the school because he’s afraid that they will do more than beat him.
Description of the amount of damage The bullies, Mark, James, Phil, and Mike have damaged some doors in the hallways