Cars: Transport and Boxlike Steel Essay

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This old broke down car sat quietly inside my untidy garage. Apparently this car used to be in the earth’s crust. Now, what used to be in the crust of the earth is formed and molded into a boxlike steel with enclosed doors for passengers and freight on a conveyance with four rubber wheels, and a brain like engine operated by man. For it to transport and run, it must be fed with fuel. For it to run smoothly without crash and breakdown, regular maintenance and tune-up are required. Normally, it runs for hours, but it needs rest as well, or it will break down. Sometimes it faces unavoidable fatal accidents and cannot be recovered or eventually it will deteriorate over time due to the wear and tear result from ordinary use.
Evidently, in reality a car is like a human being. Just like a car, God created human with a purpose in life, with two legs to roam the earth, two hands to carry and transport, and a brain to carry out what needs to be done. When he runs, he lets out the most inevitable smell that can pollute the whole planet. Just like a car, without foods and water a human is not able to run like a car; he would break down because he is hungry and he needs fuel to run his engine. When he is hungry, he would sometimes feel like crashing into the wall or another car, that’s when he needs to get his regular maintenance at the doctor’s office in order to tune him up. The doctor will open up his engine and unscrew his parts to detect what is wrong with his system. Once the doctor finds out why he falls apart, he will be screwed back together. Even with the regular