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Comm 390 Business Writing Press Release Exercise Carson Enterprises
Carson Enterprises (CE) has been in Bellings Mill for forty-three years. Carson
Enterprises is the major employer in Bellings Mill with 18% of the local jobs.
Recently, the cost of doing business in Bellings Mill increased. The provincial legislature raised some taxes and removed several existing tax breaks. The legislature also voted in new safety standards. The new standards require major modifications to the Carson
Enterprises facilities. The overall effect of the changes will be a 75% reduction in profits.
As a consequence of that decision, Carson Enterprises is moving the plant. Two locations are lobbying with Carson Enterprises for the plant: New Brunswick and Malaysia. Both locations offer significant benefits to Carson.
Malaysia is willing to have Carson Enterprises bring in as many Canadians who are willing to live and work in Malaysia. In theory, CE would not have to lay off a single worker. Also, there are significantly fewer pollution and safety restrictions in Malaysia.
Building a plant using current technology will exceed any likely restrictions in Malaysia for at least 10 years. However, the Malaysian government requires some local ownership of the operation.
New Brunswick requires that 90% of the jobs at the new plant be filled locally; therefore
3500 residents of Bellings Mill will be laid off. 350 people will be offered a chance to relocate to the new plant. However, CE will be given significant…