Carson Smith Mccullers A Haunted Boy

Words: 686
Pages: 3

In the short story “ A Haunted Boy” written by Carson Smith McCullers uses colors and symbols in the story to show the traumatic past of a boy. These symbols and colors have a deep meaning when it comes to the story and specifically to hugh who is the haunted boy.
All the symbols and colors have a direct relationship to each other throughout the story. The first symbol is the title, now the title is through the short story a lot, but also has to go with all the colors too. The first color is red and when hugh is walking home with his friend John. As soon as he walks inside his house he sees the color red projecting on the rug. Then he remembers that memory that truly haunts him and he sees the flash back. (pg. 676). Next symbol is very evident and it is in Hughs house.
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The stairs are in the story a couple of times and another symbol that goes with this one is the bathroom door. These two go together because it reminds Hugh of the time when his mother was feeling blue. During this time while Hugh and his friend John are at Hugh’s house. Hugh explains the reason that is mom is quote on quote sick. Also Hugh shows that he is afraid of the stairs and when John confronts Hugh about it he denies the fact that he is afraid of the memory that he sees every time he goes up them. So you can see why he is afraid to go up by himself and that's why he was trying to get his friend John to stay with him. But when John confronts him about it he refuses the fact that he is scared of the stairs and that he needs someone to talk to.