Carta Al Autor Essay

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Francisco Jimenez
30 Queen street
Los Angeles CA 91234
August 14 2013
Elianna Robles
31 Dunlap Street
Boston MA 02124
Dear Mr. Jimenez:
I’m in High School and I just finish your intertwined stories The Circuit about a migrant family going through struggle. Topping carrot picking cotton, and strawberries during years moving from a labor camp to labor camp. I just want you to know that I enjoyed reading your story. As an immigrant girl, I went through struggle but not as hardest this family face, this story was an amazing because all the conflict the family go through and because the connection with, Panchito. When for the first time Panchito went to the school, in page 18, says,“I thought that perhaps by paying close attention, I would understand but I did not. Only got headache” It was difficult for him to understand his teacher. I felt the same way he did, with headaches and anger because couldn’t understand what the people were saying when I came to the USA.
At first, I dislike panchito’s father, Don Pancho, because he was kind of bitter and grumpy.
When he killed the parrot, because El Perico was annoying him he take a broom hit El Pobre
Perico until he kill the animal. But as I went through the book I noticed the Don Pancho was a hard worker and a really good father, like when Roberto got the job as a janitor he stand up and hug his wife and then say, “education pays off mi’jo. I’m proud of you. Too bad your mom and I didn’t have the same opportunity” and then panchito