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Communication in Happy Marriages
Danielle Carter
COM200: Interpersonal Communication (ADM1442A)
Professor Cheryl Harris
November 1, 2014

Communication in Happy Marriages Relationships can be based on love, trust, and respect but if that is all your relationship is based on than it will more than likely fail. Communication is extremely important in all relationships. Communication doesn’t have to consist of a three hour conversation if there isn’t anything of value or quality being said. I read the article “Can we talk? Researcher talks about the role of communication in happy marriages” and 373 married couples were studied for 20 years. When a person shared their private feelings, fears, doubt, and perceptions that is called self-disclosure. “In 191987, a review in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that higher rates of marital satisfaction” (Schoenberg, 2011). I think telling a person your every inner-most secrets could make or break the relationship you’re in. In my own experience I have been with my boyfriend over 10 years and being with a person from such a young age, a lot of information such as doubts, fears, private feelings, and perceptions were developed after we got together. I also developed after we got together. I also developed some mental illnesses during the relationship and he told me numerous times that if he wasn’t already in love with me he is unsure that he would stick around. I do believe that self-disclosure in a relationship is extremely important because you don’t want to keep any secrets from your partner. According to the article “Can we talk? Research Talks about the Role of Communication in Happy Marriages” affective affirmation is wanted by both partners but men need it more