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MKTG 1010
Social Commerce is a subset of e-commerce ( i.e., the practice of buying and selling products and services via the Internet. It uses social media applications to enable online shoppers to interact and collaborate during the shopping experience and to assist retailers and customers during the process. Encompassing online ratings and reviews, numerous shopping related apps, deal sites, and social shopping malls and storefronts, social commerce, social media is very important element with regards to retailing or “e-tailing”.
Online shopping offers many benefits to shoppers, such as the ability to comparison shop easily and efficiently, convenience, enhanced selection,, and cost savings. With advances in social commerce (e-tailing), online shipping can finally offer a shared experience too – the experience of social shopping. Social media applications allow us to share product information easily and post opinions and access the opinions of others; and communicate with friends, family and associates regarding our shopping experience.
Examples of social media community and e-commerce sites include the following:
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, Living Social Groupon, TripAdvisor, Payvment, etc.
-Search the web and identify three (3) retailers, that use at least one of the social media that are listed above. For each website
-Identify the retailer by name and indicate its web address (URL): EXAMPLE: Company Name: WET SEAL - Company URL:
-Describe the types of products or service being marketed.
-Identify the components of social media that are being used to market this retailers products or services.
-In 1 or 2 paragraphs, evaluate the effectiveness of the retailer social media efforts. Make sure to make reference to the retail market segment that this retailer is targeting and whether or not the social media actives are relevant to promoting the products or services to the target market. NOTE: Please use the forms provided below for this part of the assignment
Retailer #1: H&M
Retailer URL :
Describe the Target Audience for this Product/Service and why you reached this conclusion:
H&M’s target market is anyone that is fashional, trendy, and wants to stay current in the lastest trends without spending a lot doing so. I came to this conclusion by researching the topic and finding www.reasearchand, and
Social Media Being Used: [Be specific] 1. Facebook (you can like their page) 2. Twitter (you can follow them) 3 Google+ (you can follow them)
Analysis: In one or two thoughtful, well written paragraphs, discuss whether or not you believe that the use of social media in marketing this product/service is effective for the target market Specify the target market for this particular retailer. Make sure to include data to support your analysis. Your personal opinion should not be the basis of this analysis. Social media help’s to market H&M. Their target market is anyone that is fashionable, trendy, and wants to stay current in the latest trends without spending a lot doing so. This group tends to be younger adults, who are also the same group that stays current on social media. Using social media to market for H&M is a no brainer. H&M uses social media frequently to stay up to date on the latest trends. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are perfect places to go to promote their product. These are sites that their target market frequent, even multiple times a day. They do a good job displaying their clothing is ways that make it easy for the consumer to match items to create outfits and also locate the closest store to purchase. The web site did not indicating sale items, but signing up for the email service alerts you to sales.