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3.1 Q 1&2
1. He defines it as conducting business in accordance as the owner of the business would want it done. Meaning that the business may not make as much money, but all decisions will be in there best interest and according to law.
2. The corporate business man is to delegate to whom and where taxes are paid in the interest of the stockholder. This is their job because many stockholders cannot delegate all options of their business as to why corporate business is establish to see that their objective is followed according to their specifications in a responsible way.
3.2 Q 1&4
1. Government involvement stifles the corporation by selecting where the interest should lye for the corporation and the ideology of a managerial capitalism crates the greatest good for the greatest amount of people so government involvement is not needed.
4. Phoenix city airport
All Airline companies
Shareholders/stockholders of said Airline Companies
The city of phoenix
Citizens of Phoenix
3.4 Q 1 (read 3.7)
He suggests the best option for a corporation being to fight back in any situation or else many corporations can watch themselves fail if they opt to do nothing. Fighting fire with fire by showing them that their services are needed and the impact they make.
3.10 Q 1
The issue I see is that even though Fannie Mae is receiving these accolades in a positive mannor they do not take into account the large ethical issues Fannie Mae has been a part of over the years. As we discussed in class Fannie Mae created some major issues with the mortgages they were developing that went unnoticed until the ceiling fell through in 2006. These positive reviews only measure what Fannie Mae has done for some stakeholders and the structure of their business I do not believe it takes into consideration the ethical dilemmas that have been the back bone of Fannie Mae’s practices.
Social responsibility is influenced highly by ethics as it is a self-governing process based on the ethics of the owner of the company and is your personal responsibility to act in the light of the owner not your own personal ethics. Corporate governance is the bare bones structure of how the corporation appears to the public. It is something the company must follow as a manual for diagnosing and practical fixes for issue within the corporate company.
3.12 Q1&6
1. I do believe it was an exercise of artistic freedom as Ice T’s earlier life growing up had quite a bit of gang violence and police involvement. At the time of writing it I could see his disdain for police and what many of them stood for. It is no secret that many black males in America still feel stereotyped and feel that they are targeted by police when police brutality was a major issue at the time of the songs release.
6. Being older and more mature obviously with a successful music career Ice T was able to get away from his old violent life style and start making good decisions in his life. Forever being known for making Cop Killer it seems highly unlikely he would eve play a cop on television, but that should not mean we should only remember him by this song. I saw him taking on this role as a true testament to human character regardless of his personal feelings as a younger man he is able to move past his predispositions and grow into a character he once despised.
3.15 Q 1
I don’t believe a corporation could ever make everyone happy with their philanthropic giving’s without staying in safe territories of donations. Sticking to non-controversial issues such as medical charities and things that benefit a group of misfortune people could be the only way as I couldn’t see people picketing because a company donated to cancer.
3.18 Q1
There is a conflict of interest since Proctor and Gamble sponsored the research done by Arthur D Little for the study of diapers. Arthur D little is going to try to do it research as its suppose to without making Proctor and Gamble angry at