Case 11: the Launch of the Playstation 31 Essay

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Case 11: The Launch of the PlayStation 31

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January 9, 2015
I. Problem Defined
What should Sony do to maximize the value of the PS3 to meet the consumer’s satisfaction?
II. Analysis and Recording of Current Situation i. Environment
In the history of Sony, they tend to have many failures in creating a technology or gadgets. They fail to make the consumers accept the thought of their gadget. One example is the Betamax. But on the other hand Sony continuously innovate their products and they also in tend to create new ones. Sony is also the one
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By the late 1950s, they had become the world’s leading producers of radios. The company later then expanded into televisions, stereos and other home entertainment products. Through time, Sony’s innovations resulted to the creation of well-known brands like Betamax, Tinitron, and Walkman. With its success, Sony became the most popular console in history by 2005. iv. Marketing Strategy Sony Corporation strategy was developed the PlayStation3 (PS3) with a built-in Blu-ray drive for a higher definition of video images that makes the gaming experience more exciting. Sony had a $150 million dollar advertising campaign by the TBWA, celebrating their launch date with free food and performances from well-known music artists. To cope up with their sales in the European market, Sony gave out HD-TVs to the first 125 customers to purchase. Because of PS3's high pricing, Sony produced PS3 consoles with a smaller hard drive and had the wireless adaptor eliminated. Some features were basically eliminated which caused some enthusiasts to be disappointed especially with the rumble feature that gives out the vibration feedback.

III. Analysis and Record Problems and their Core Elements In analyzing this case, the problem is that Sony is more focusing in producing advanced video game console and they almost forget to value their consumers. In terms of pricing, satisfaction, enthusiastic, etc.