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Show Art
This exposition was very good. Were organized to the faculty of El Paso Community College. In the exposition was a lot of paintings and any sculptures. This experience was good, because I can know more about art appreciation and about what think the artist. The exposition I like, because any paintings had a beautiful color. Like was a painting that was made with material of oil on canvas, this are a lot of geometric forms. Had circles, diagonals lines and horizontal lines. Another paintings that had a lot color was made with thread of cotton, with form of circles and another of color blue and brown with form of herbs of sea. Another painting colorful was where an women was with two little girls reading some book and round to this girls was a lot of certificates and gowns. I think that this means that when people was educate with reading their academic level increase we can will be graduate. Also was a painting with a lot of color that was a women similar to Frida Calo around of leaves and beautiful birds, this mean to me the nature. Another painting was a women that are cover all her body with a lot of colorful fish, this was only show her face and her right hand. Other painting colorful was a lot branches with leaves and around with butterflies. Also was a beautiful painting this mean to me like Alice On Wonder world, because had a men in a cart with an elephant and an bunny, in a little forest. In the same painting was a little girl sleep in a bed with a