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Name________________Chris Vesta__________________________

Case_____________Wrap ItUp______________________

In the US health foods have been trendy in the past decade. It is no surprise that such Wrap It Up, a health food alternative to traditional greasy fast food was created in California. If necessity is the mother of invention then Shawn Jackson and Simon Sethi were needy graduate students looking to fill the void of healthy eating options in their lives. The two men out of desperation began a fast and healthy fast food brand located in California. Fast food is deeply ingrained in American society, it represents a fast paced life style where hunger is just a temporary condition that gets in the way of a packed
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Colon reached out to his popular culinary colleagues for book signings to bring in customers. Locke chose to renegotiate contracts for greater savings. Locke and Tiller also started to cover more responsibilities they previously did not cover to keep labor costs down. They also tried new ingredients to substitute more costly one for example they replaced seaweed with kimchee.
After the pilot testing Reyes is left to make a report that summarizes he process. She must also make a decision on where to take the company, status quo or the new ShareIt profit sharing program that was beta tested. Her report will go the co-CEO’s Jackson and Sethi for final review and they will have the final say on any strategic changes that may or may not be made. Due to high growth it was hard to keep up with a constantly changing company. The owners Jackson and Sethi have called in a new HR executive Martha Reyes to manage the HR department. Reyes’ goal is to reduce turnover, which she believes is causing several other problems in the company. She piloted a six month compensation trial program that she developed with a consulting agency. At the end of the trial period she must decide if she wants to implement changes like profit sharing or keep the current system which appears to be the root of many issues the company has been battling. The new system was speculative at first however results show it has the managers