Case 4 Magrec, Inc Essay

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Case 4: MAGREC, Inc. 1.) Place yourself in the role of the manager. What should you do now? After considering what happened, would you change any of your behaviors?
If I was Pat: Even though Fred wants me to fire Dinah, I believe that if I was to fire her, Dinah would file a lawsuit for wrongful discharge. My values and morals should not be the deciding factor in determining if Dinah’s actions are grounds for dismal. As such, I would meet with Fred, and explain to him the result of my lunch meeting with Dinah. At this time I would request , and even demand if need be, a meeting with the VP of Human Resources, Fred, Mr. Leed, the head of MAGREC, Inc. and MAGREC’s legal counsel. During this meeting all facts would be
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Short-term gain can lead to long-term problems. MAGREC needs to establish a clear direction with their employees, vendors, customers and all other stakeholders that high ethical standards will be a driving force behind MAGRE’s future existence. Mistakes are not in and of themselves the downfall of many organizations, rather it is the failure to learn from the mistakes and make the proper adjustments within the organization. 2.) Do you think Dinah was right? Why or Why not? If you were she and you had it to do all over again, would you do anything differently? If so, what and why?
No…I can understand why Dinah did what she did, but I believe she should have tried other options before talking to the customer. Dinah should have been more insistent with Pat regarding the need for disclosure from MAGREC to Partco.
If I was I Dinah, I would have discussed with Pat that I was not in agreement with the approach to not disclose the matter to Partco and I would have demanded a meeting with Fred and Mr. Leed. Who knows, if Mr. Leed was even aware of this issue. If Mr. Leed knew and was ok with how things were handled or he agreed with the approach to not disclose this to Partco, then I would know for certain that the unethical decisions that were made were not only the approach of management but also as part of the company’s