Case 4: We Want More Guitars

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Josh Ailes, Nick Burlage, Holly Riggen, and Kyung Ha Oh
Professor Baddam
Case 4: We Want More Guitars!
12 September, 2014
We Want More Guitars
Fletcher Guitars, a guitar-producing company based out of Los Angeles, is interested in increasing production within their Spanish sister company Guitarras Dominguez. The CEO of Fletcher Guitars decided to send Adam Wainwright, a potential high end manager in the company, to Spain to influence the increase production. His task is to convince the owner and founder of the sister company, Salvador Dominguez, that they need to increase their production to meet the standards of the rising demand in Latin music. However, the problem is that Salvador’s company places quality over quantity in everything
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On the other hand, Spain’s collectivistic approach holds tight knit social frameworks and allows coworkers to maintain deeper relationships. As far as masculinity is concerned, the United States ranks higher than most countries in the European Union. This is yet another social value difference presented with Adam’s attention to material success and work centrality, and Salvador being the opposite. As far as Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness (GLOBE), it is apparent that the United States and Spain have distinct stances in assertiveness, future orientation, and performance orientation. Both countries have a high level of assertiveness, which means they are both competitive in business. Also, these two countries seem to have low future orientation. The United States focuses mostly on quick production and profits while Spain is short term in the sense of maintaining tradition and quality over profit. As far as performance orientation, the United States ranks high, valuing performance and improvements as a top priority. Conversely, Spain values loyalty belonging background and tradition. These three GLOBE dimensions give a further glimpse of the differences and even similarities between Fletcher Guitars and Guitarras Dominguez. After discovering the many cultural, social, and management differences between Adam and Salvador, we have concluded that Adam needs to heighten his ability to adapt. However, if Adam