Case 5-1 Essay

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This case is talking about an executive retreat. It was introduced by John Matthews who was a executive had been selected to attend the two-and-a-half-week retreat. The retreat was more like a competition about academic and athletic. The team members should not only get know each other and cooperate with teammates but also need to compete with others. The whole participants were broken into five groups and their aim was to win the competition. There are several sessions about academic and athletic that the participants should complete. After the introduction part the case showed the experience of John. Before the group meeting John was wondering and worried about this retreat. When he was taking the first group meeting, he tried to learn …show more content…
And their leadership was weak. The first leader can not make the justified action because he was afraid of hurting someone. Athletic leaders’ courage was a short time thing, it’s not very not useful. Someone even was suspected cheating in the retreat.
Question 2 At the beginning of the retreat, the team leader already told the key to ‘the camp’ is cooperate and function as a group. So the tasks needed that the participants should have the basic ability of working together. The point of this retreat is that men should no longer think of themselves as individuals. This program also needed the participants have strong stamina because the retreat had several athletic parts. One of the parts was running 25 miles, the other was some ball games. For passing the academic part every one should have good abilities of writing and speaking. In this group almost everyone had at least normal speaking and writing skills. So at last even they were lacking strong leadership in education, they still had third of the members achieved good scores in the class. In the group, Rich and Larry had outstanding academic skills. After the retreat everyone went separate ways in reaching the goals. Question 3 Some members’ personalities hurt the group performance. If I can choose who to leave the group and to keep in the group. Firstly I will let Jim go, because he did not care what the group achieved. His negative attitude did not help