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Will Teams Work
February 8, 2013

What is the managerial context in which these managers will be operating? Do you think training designed to help managers understand the context they will be operating in will be helpful? The context in which the managers will be operating is by using teams to solve problems. Since these managers were not trained to manage employees, or use the equipment necessary to do their jobs training would be extremely beneficial. “These managers were all selected on the basis of their high need to control their environment, strong desire to achieve, and willingness to work with others to get the job done” (P. Nick Blanchard, 2010). These qualities are a good start for management candidates but not enough to determine how well they will do on the job or how well they will manage people. Training these managers to help them understand what is expected of them and giving them instruction on how to operate the machines and how to solve problems in teams would provide them with more understanding.
What types of competencies should be developed in the management training? Give your rationale. The types of competencies that should be developed in the management training should first be technical competencies. This will make sure the managers know how the machinery works, what it does and how to fix any problems it might have. They should know what their employees are responsible for and what their job entails. The next competency that should be developed in the management training is interpersonal skills. By training the managers how to communicate with the employees they oversee in their teams, they will have better team work and will be able to talk things over with their employees instead of using the confrontational style they had been using. Employees will be more willing to work together and take criticism from the managers if they aren’t spoken to in a confrontational manner. The third competency that should be developed in the management training should be leader motive. In order to successfully lead a team to work together and solve problems the managers will need to be able to motivate their employees and keep them motivated through any challenges they might incur. The last competency that should be developed in the management training should be supportive. Managers need to support their teams in order for their teams to support them. This is important when team work is needed to get a job done.
What types of training should be used to provide the different competencies? How long will it take to provide this training? Give your rationale. The types of training that should be used to provide these competencies would begin with knowledge and skill development by using on the job training. This would allow the managers to spend time working in the jobs their employees are in so they are able to better understand what the machines are for and how they work. On the job training could consist for two to three days since the managers do not need a high level of