Case 6 – Domino’s Pizza: a Case Study in Organizational Evolution - Strategy Essay

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Assignment 2 – Individual Assignment 1
Case 6 – Domino’s Pizza: A Case Study in Organizational Evolution

Overview of Domino’s Pizza Domino's Pizza is an international pizza delivery corporation headquartered in Michigan, United States. Founded in1960, Domino's is the second largest pizza chain in the United States and has more than 9,300 corporate and franchised stores in 65 international markets and all U.S. states.
Question 1: Internal Analysis of Domino’s Pizza
The internal analysis will look into how Domino’s Pizza uses their resources to create value in their products and services while gaining a competitive advantage against their rivals. The RCC Model is used in this analysis to look into the different set of resources
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Next, Domino’s engaged with its customers and asked them to post feedback on Twitter and Facebook. This must have garnered plenty of interest from the society because in the the first week the advertisement aired, it was reported that sales were up double digits. Domino’s “reverse reputation management” has served them well and Domino's comes out of all this with a new respect from consumers.
c. Innovation
In hopes of gaining new customers and recouping lost customers, Domino’s re-formulated a new pizza recipe. In addition, they also expanded their menu, from a traditional pizza only menu; their menu now includes many other non-pizza menus like boneless chicken and wings. On top of that, Domino's reinvented several other side dishes. This is another one of their innovative ideas for the menu. Since these ingredients involved dough, which is something that’s already being used in the making of pizzas, Domino’s is seen to be coming up with not only innovative ideas but also ideas that are cost effective.
Capabilities exist when resources have been purposefully integrated to achieve a specific task or set of tasks (Ireland, et al, page 75). Figure 1b below shows the capabilities that Domino’s possess.
Figure 1b
Functional Areas Capabilities
Distribution Wide and Vast Distribution Domino’s ability to reach to the masses across the U.S. as well as across the world