Case 95336 Case Study

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The Crook of Case 95336 The woods smelled crisp in the summer air, the shades of green attacked the senses of the hunters in mid 1980. As they creep through the woods in search of squirrels the underbrush sways in the summer breeze. The hunters close in on a squirrels nest and suddenly stop. The horror is clear when they see the naked body of a girl, not breathing. Kelly Drew was nineteen years old and had just graduated from beauty school. Her body was beginning to decompose in the humid air of Jefferson County, Wisconsin. A search had been taking place for both Kelly and her boyfriend, Timothy Hack for two weeks, since they had disappeared after attending a wedding reception. Investigators were baffled by their disappearance from the reception.
In the early stages of the search Timothy’s father had found his old Cutlass Supreme at the parking lot of the Concord House, where the reception took place. Days after Kelly’s undergarments along with rope and her shredded pants were found along the road. The investigators started questioning people that were present at the Concord House. They quickly
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As he looked back on his early years of crime and abuse. He just wanted it to be over, he wanted his life to end rather than continue to suffer from his haunting past. In 1972, he had written a book The Metamorphosis of a Criminal: The True Story of Ed Edwards where he recounted his experiences of abuse from the nuns at his orphanage. He also quoted that when he was asked what he wanted to be he replied, “Sister, I’m gonna be a crook, and I’m gonna be a good one”. By 1955 he had achieve that goal and escaped from jail in Akron, only to travel across the country robbing gas stations. He has said that he never wore a mask because he wanted to be famous. In 1961 he achieved his goal once again and became ranked in the Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives of the