case against college Essay

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Nate Johnson
ENG 102-103

The Case against College

At the end of my senior year of high school I had to finally decide what I was going to do next. My first decision/plan was going to the University of Dubuque to play football, but I turned that down because of money issues; the school was way too expensive. So then I decided to just go to black hawk until I get my degree and the transfer to Western. I have always wanted to attend college because I know that I would benefit me greatly in the long run. At the beginning of this whole process I decided that I was going to major in athletic training but then at the last minute I changed my mind and switched it to Law Enforcement. To get the job I want I would have to go to school and do as best as I can at it. My major goal is to be in the FBI, so school is definitely very important to be able to get into that. Some other alternatives I explored was thinking about joining the military which I eventually did. Know that I am in the military I have it set up so I am able to still further my education and still be in the military. Joining the military was probably the best decision of my life so far. I get my college 100% paid for so now I will be able to go to the school of my choice. Since my MOS is Military Police and I will be doing ROTC down at western after I get back from my boot camp and AIT training, that will definitely give me a greater advantage in help me out in reaching my goal of being in the FBI.