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To: Mari Buche, Colleague
From: Kristen Therrian, Colleague
Date: October 20, 2014
Subject: Cloud Computing

The world of cloud computing has recently become of interest in my research. I would like to hear from you on whether cloud computing is something I should pursue after discussing what cloud computing is, what is the cloud computing system architecture like, what are its advantages, and disadvantages. The article reviewed shows that cloud computing is a network of computers that handles the brunt work of running applications. Companies need only to install one application that lets employees log onto a web-based service, such as the internet which hosts all the programs that users would need. The interface software which is like a browser, is the only thing that is needed. The network of the cloud will take care of everything else.

The cloud architecture has a back end and a front end. The back end allows users to connect to the internet or network. It is also where numerous servers, computers, and storage systems are located that build the “cloud” of the computing system (Strickland, 1998-2014). The front end is what the user can view and it is where the client’s computer and the application that is the means of entry to the cloud system is located. It is important to note that each application acquires its own server. The central server manages the system where it audits traffic and demands of clients to guarantee everything runs properly. The central server also followings rules and uses middleware in order to do so. The middle ware ensures computers communicate with each other. Cloud computing create copies of client’s information and storage in other devices in case the system breaks down. The central server will use these copies to get ahold of backup machines to retrieve data. In conclusion, cloud computing uses redundancy in order to create backups of data for the client. The virtualization of servers also reduces the need or use of physical machines.

The advantages of cloud computing is that applications and data storage can be accessed from anywhere. This kind of software is easier to install and use. Instead of installing a whole suite of software, the company just installs one application. Cloud-based services are also cheaper than upgrading software or software licenses. The costs of hardware decline, because all companies have to do is store the information on remote computers. This deducts the need of an extensive hard drive. Companies just pay a set fee to a cloud computing company. Companies also have the option of storing