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Is this a problem / decision / evaluation case, or some combination of these?
Growing up with a family surrounded by business mentality, I believe this as a decision as well as an evaluation case because expanding a business internationally always has it’s pros and cons, I believe it’s a decision case because after Investing most of Jinling Ye’s savings into a factory he invested everything he had into the business which was about to shutdown because of the Asian financial crisis there was a major failure in business partnership going down by 80% , stock markets and currencies were down by 70% the business was next to insolvency they had to decide whether they have to continue the same business. One of the major risk which they took was to invest $5000 at the trade show.
I believe its an evaluation case because before expanding the business they had to think about the customer’s , competition, legal challenges, meeting up the expectation of the national standards.
What concerns do US companies such as Honeywell have about buying components made in China? Is opening a US-based sales office an effective way for Suns to address these issues?
One of the major concerns of the US companies has is that the products made in china are cheap, better level of standards , can meet the international standards , they don’t have to worry about face cultural and language differences which made it easy for them to do business.
Opening a US based sale office is a good decision