Case Analysis Essay

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To: Dr. Wadden
From: Murong Hua
Date: February 11th
Subject: Beyond the Bean

“Beyond The bean” café store will be located in London, Ontario, and will be owned by two partners named Greig and Angels. This café store will through the café, also it by having a variety of board games for the public. The problem now is Greig and Angels have to make the marketing strategy decision to successfully launch beyond the bean to gain and sales to break even and let the Beyond The Bean to capture the market in London, Ontario.

Beyond the Bean near the Western University in London, Greig was considering four segments of this target market: Western University students, Fanshawe College students, high school students and young professionals.
First: university students is a largest market segment, and they are like socialize, Greig can rate of $6 for unlimited game-play time per day, also use Facebook, Western Gazette newspaper or website, posters and Groupon those advertisement to attract the students, also using the free Wi-Fi connection and alcohol served. Second: high school students, they are charge $8 an hour for a table with a maximum of six customers per table, use the Facebook, London free press website/ newspaper to go the customer. However it cannot be service the alcohol, but still need give the free Wi-Fi connection. Most high school students has part-time job and live with the family, they have time and money to spending. Third, for the young professionals, same as the high school student, it will use $8 an hour to rent the table, promotion via London Free Press website/ newspaper, Groupon and Facebook. It also will service alcohol, Wi-Fi it is optional.

University customer is best alternative. Because, Western University and Fanshawe College total have 45,000 students, it is a lager