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Action Items:

Goal: Introducing Snapple 2.0

Section 1: Mortifying the product
Stage 1: Repair the brand.

Step 1: Change organizational Image and clean up all rumors i. Action: Hire Wendy, a new speaker, and increase customer involvement. ii. Goal: By using person marketing us hope to repair and change the attitude and behavior people have of the product. 1. In the case, this was what made Gatorade so successful because it attached the brand with major league sport stars.
Why Wendy:
First, Wendy has an entrepreneurial story that is consistent with the brand. This story will not only help us to repair our product but also inspire distributors to sell our product. Second, Wendy is fun, genuine, personal, whimsical, and creative. Her appearance will target specifically our original users that lived in coastal areas (developed market) and now are older. (Detail from page 16-17, Meaning of Wendy)

Why a new spokesman:
The primary reason for a new speaker is because there is also the underdeveloped market-the inner states-that is described in page 15. The appeal of these inner states such as family, tradition, involvement, and their definition of healthy are very different from the coastal cities. Thus, we cannot use Wendy nationally. Therefore, a new speaker is efficient.

Why customer involvement:
The strategy is used in many different aspects of our action plan. The main reason for this section is that we want to be real again and we wish to make Snapple theirs. By “involvement” I mean for example, having commercials that is theirs. In the end, we wish to achieve the original objective that, is said in the case as” People make Snapple their own, so it ends up meaning lots of different things to lots of different people. Snapple users are really very average, normal people but the brand helps them to think of themselves as upbeat” (8).

Why clean-up rumors:
As we decide to go into the inner states, like Quaker’s fair concern, rumor will not be good for the company.

Step 2: emphasis on product quality

Why care?
Two of the essential quality that we have of our brand is real & healthy & real (of course, the definition of health differ significantly as of which region are you in). In addition, one of the element that is happening with our product is the increase emphasis on health (Pg, 14), especially the 30-44 group. In addition, as I shown in the numbers Excel document, although the people drinking diet is little, but it doesn’t meant that it will not be growing. Furthermore, as our positioning map has shown, we are in the healthy premium drinking section, not the ones competing again Arizona.

Action: A cause-based marketing plan (Pg. 82 textbook). Our cause: we will improve your health by giving you the best ingredient that was gotten in a responsible way. To be more specific, we will do similar things like Starbucks. We will acquire our tea from an under-developed country. We will partner with the relevant non-profit organization, and we will borrow their approval as a sign for our legitimacy. The tea is only to be distributed in glass 16-onuce bottle.

This act will not only reestablish our company image but furthermore increase the product’s psychological value.

By doing this of course, we carry the RISK that, we don’t know where is the line, for instance, critics may target us and say we are doing this not for the end of the people but for the end of the company. But the goal is really a win-win.

Step 3: Redesign the name of the brand and the name of its flavor.

Which one? Fun! The case said it as, “serious and Snapple go together like oil and water”. To be more specific this will target it to be informal and playful.

Action: Firstly, we will redesign the product sign to a new, fresh, up-to-date one. This will signal to the market as Snapple 2.0. Secondly, we will redesign all the flavor’s name and