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Case Analysis
This paper should be high quality, appropriate for an undergraduate study, and suitable for the board of a local health care organization. It must be done alone. Work-in-progress may be reviewed by the instructor for preliminary feedback. The paper should be written in APA style and could be no more than 5 pages long. The content of the paper should educate the audience and at least: a clearly state and explain the underlying case issue (s) and problem (s) to be resolved b describe relevant health, economic, finance, and historical background of the case and the importance of the case to the organization c describe specific problems identified in the case d describe analytical tools and methods used in the case e explain the results of the solution and relate them to the original problems and issues f explain how this solution (s) is viewed by relevant interest groups in the organization and how it affects (or is likely to affect) various departments g suggest what you think will be implemented h conclusion/discussion of the presentation with a brief summary of findings, caveats, limitations, etc

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Columbia Memorial Hospital - Case Study 6
Andrew Espejo
California State University, Long Beach
Dr. Sinay
May 10, 2013

Underlying Case Issue The chief executive officer (CEO), is concerned with one Columbia Memorial Hospital walk-in clinic's financial soundness amongst three other area hospital's walk-in clinics. Currently, Columbia Memorial Hospital is an acute care hospital with 300 beds and 160 staff physicians, and is one of 75 hospitals owned and operated by Health Services of America, a for profit publicly owned company. Columbia Memorial Hospital regardless of the presence of two other acute care hospitals, remains highly profitable because of its well-appointed facilities, fine medical staff, reputation for quality care, and the amount of individual attention to patients. Columbia's stand alone clinic in question is located across the street from the area's major shopping mall, about two miles from the hospital. Walk-in clinics should hope to produce profits quickly as they provide treatment for walk-in patients suffering from ailments such as sprains, cuts and the flu. These clinics charge $60 to $200, depending on procedures. Only three of five walk-in clinics survive today and none of these three appear to be a money maker. Currently the clinic handles 45 patients per day yet it fails to reach its potential of 85 a day. The problem is that the clinic is staffed and ready for 85 patients yet these extra resources end up as extra expenses. This led to Columbia's chief financial officer to look into the matter of the walk-in clinic. The CFO stated three potential outcomes for the clinic.
Potential Outcomes for Walk-In Clinic Decision
(1) the clinic should be closed
(2) the clinic should continue to operate as is - that is without expanding its marketing program
(3) the clinic could continue to operate, but with the expanded marketing program.
Projected Profitability Possibilities The projected profitability of the walk-in clinic for the entire year if volume continues at its current level is a net profit (loss) of $3,173 and a gross margin (%) of -5.8% at 1,350 visits monthly. So, for an entire year the projected profitability adds up to $38,076 in loss. The amount of additional visits per day that would be required to break even without the new marketing program is 17 with a monthly profit of $777 requiring a total of 62 patients total. The amount of additional visits per day that would be required to break even assuming that the