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INTRODUCTION: The Mattress Company Simmons wanted a hot new bed to sell, so they went to the best design firm in the world IDEO to come up with the concept. The first meetings between the two teams were brilliant with creative energy on both sides. Then IDEO went off to work on the prototype. A couple months later they came back to Simmons and showed off the prototype in a big, classic IDEO pitch. The response from Simmons was not positive though they knew it was good, but Simmons had no ownership over it.
About Simmons and IDEO: Simmons Bedding Company was one of the oldest and major company in USA and had net sales for 2005 were $855 million but company wanted to explore new product opportunities in same field to tap more customers
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4) As Kurt Ling was new in the company and he may have different thoughts and opinions from rest of the other team members.
5) Management concern was new investment for new process which involves high cost and risk may not be good.
6) IDEO did not inform about the target market to Simmons.
7) Kurt Ling also did not inform Simmons that presentation of IDEO will just be on market research.
8) As there was not a formal presentation between the phases so clients were not aware what exactly IDEO team is doing?

IDEO team really did a great research and created a good opportunity for Simmons but with following few steps they would have get a positive reply and response from client:
1) They should have meet up with more members of the higher management especially in the initial meetings for a broader and clear idea.
2) It is very important to understand client’s business environment, strength and weakness, competitors and culture.
3) Need to meet clients more often with prototypes and if not possible in person than meeting via video conference. Like after 9/11 when they were not able to meet then they should have met through video conferencing.
4) After completion of every phase like phase0a, phase0b and phase0c in this case, meet with client and review their concerns.
5) After every presentation ask feedbacks and suggestion if they wants to provide any. Initial presentations