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McCain Foods – Tutorial Case

SWOT Analysis * Strengths – internal positive attributes of the organization * Weaknesses – Internal negative attributes of the organization * Opportunities – External positive trends of the industry or economy * Look at Faith Popcorn – when looking for opportunities * Don’t go in the direction of suggesting – they should do this etc… * Threats – External negative trends of the industry or economy * Can always talk about competition * Trends; political regulation

Tips * Don’t mention firm’s name in O/T * Don’t state things right from the case, explain &/or give a rationale * Don’t give long lists of SWOT items, have 2 strong ones

S – Strong brand name of the company leads to high equity
W – Old products didn’t include healthy ingredients, which didn’t appeal to the healthy market
O – Huge trend for healthy food
T – the competitive nature of the food industry requires businesses to follow a market-oriented approach because consumers determine what they want
* reword – don’t write exact same to same as said in the case

After SWOT
Key Issues/ Questions

Segment Analysis * what is the current target market? * What are possible target markets? * Give them a Name * Young & Health Conscious 20 Something * POINT TO CONSIDER * Geographics * Demographics * Psychographics – values, attitudes, lifestyles, opinions (AIO) * Behavioral * B2B Segments – no resellers * Tips: * Segment must be the buyer of the product/service (ie: if it’s a childern’s toy, parents with small children, are the segment, not the children themselves) – think of who has the BUYING POWER

* Segment Structure * Title: Health Conscious Mom * (Heading) Geographic: * Canada * CMA * Urban * (heading) Demographic * Age: 28-35 * FLC : Married with kids aged 5-10, medium disposable and discretionary income, post secondary education * Etc. * (heading) Psychographics: AIO, lifestyle * (heading) Benefits: ultimate benefit (satisfaction of being a good mom) * (heading) Usuage: Regular, more than once a week. * Alternatives | Existing