Case Analysis Of Google

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1. Google is a company that will continue to grow as people all over the world continues to use Google as their search engine to search their material. It is amazing how the Google search engine works by ranking each websites from how many times they were searched in the search engine. Google makes their fund by all the advertising that they do on the website. I like the way the two co-founders of Google want their employees to be comfortable while working all the time because if the employees are happy and appreciated by Google then employees will tend to do a better job than an employee that isn’t happy and appreciated by the company. I believe Google will do everything within their power to make sure that their employees are satisfied with their occupation and that they are a valuable key asset of Google. I believe with a company as great as Google, they will also give their employees good health benefits. I also find it amazing that you can take a picture with your smartphone with in the Google image search and it will tell you a description of the image. I would definitely like to work for Google. I see that Google is still a growing company that will be around for a long time pleasing the people that are using the Google search engine. Google allows their employees to wear casual clothing at the company. Google provides a lot of services for their employees so they don’t have to worry about falling behind on their chores at home. I believe that the variety of food options that Google provides is what attracted me to want to be employed by Google. Overall, It seems like Google is just a great company to work for and you will feel like it is your second home aside from your actual home that you go home to everyday.
2. Google’s privacy or security is pretty interesting to people who are using their search engine in Google. Although Google keeps every search query that anyone searches in the search engine, they would not use the data against any person for their own well-being. All searches are either linked to your IP address for your computer that you are using or it is associated with your profile in Google if you are logged into your profile. Google’s top priority is protecting user’s privacy. The majority of the searches are store away after the users are done searching for their material. Google’s privacy has been a main issue to critics that believe Google is not protecting user’s privacy enough from leaking outside the network. I personally do not have an issue with the way Google is protecting or securing user’s privacy now. I don’t think many users are affect by the concerns that most critics have for all the users in Google. I believe that the only thing that will attract some attention would be searches that will cause harm to our society, and then the government or law officials would pay close attention to the person or the IP address that is searching the